VCI Lubricants

Vappro VCI lubricants offer best-in-class for VCI greases, VCI anti-seize compound and VCI general purpose lubricants.
Vappro VCI-Magna-GL
Greaseless Lubricant
NATO Stock Number: 9150-32-076-1171
Vappro VCI-Magna-GL is a proprietary special lubricant. It is a colorless, waxless, stainless silicone lubricant that stops binding and squeaking of all moving parts. It has high oxidation resistance, dielectric strength, water repellency and shearability without breakdown. Vappro VCI-Magna-GL forms a protective flexible shield on rubber, plastic, leather, metal, wood surface and electrical components when used as a protective coatings.
Vappro VCI-Rubberplast
VCI Rubber & Plastic Conditioner
NATO Stock Number: 8030-32-077-3536
Vappro VCI-Rubberplast is specially developed to combat premature aging of rubber and plastic parts used in military vehicles and equipment. Vappro VCI-Rubberplast is a free flowing proprietary silicone emulsion liquid with excellent adhesion properties to rubber and plastic parts. Rubber and plastic parts that are treated with Vappro VCI-Rubberplast exhibit high reflective index, a critical factor to combat harmful UV and ozone.
Vappro VCI-Copper-ASC
Copper Based Anti-Seize Compound
NATO Stock Number: 9150-32-082-1092
Vappro VCI-Copper-ASC is a premium quality lead-free anti-seize compound. Specially developed to provide maximum protection against galling,rusting and heat bonding under the most extreme conditions of heat and pressure.
Vappro VCI-999
Anti-Seize Compound
NATO Stock Number: 8030-32-076-1179
Vappro VCI-999 is a metallic silver high temperature grease made from a high VI olefinic copolymer and a finely divided thickener. This grease is fortified with V.C.I. additives that provide it with excellent lubricating properties, stability and anti-wear capabilities.
Vappro VCI-869
VCI Grease
NATO Stock Number: 9150-32-076-1117
Vappro VCI-869 is a mixture of vapour corrosion inhibitors, and oil-based carriers. It is formulated to provide superior protection over conventional rust inhibiting oils/coating. VAPPRO VCI-869 concentrate is a grease-like material that is diluted with oil to provide self-healing and lubricating coating. VAPPRO VCI-869 can also be added to lubricating oils to improve corrosion resistance.