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magna group
Magna Group of Companies consists of Magna International Pte Ltd, Magna Chemical Canada Inc, Magna Australia Pty Ltd and Lupromax International Pte Ltd. The Magna Group is one of the world's foremost leaders in the specialized fields of corrosion-preventive technology, specialty lubricants and cleaning surfactants.

Since its incorporation in 1990, first starting out as a manufacturer and distributor of cleaning and maintenance chemicals, the Magna Group has now carved itself a niche in the area of specialty surfactants, lubricants and additives. The products of the Magna Group are marketed under the brands Vappro, Corpro and Lupromax. Represented by distributors in more than thirty countries in the NAFTA Region, Asia Pacific and Europe, the Magna Group is continually reinventing itself to accommodate the ever-present changes in the chemical industry. We at Magna make use of the powers of innovation, science and technology to satisfy customers' requirements.

Magna has established itself as a brand of excellence. Over 180 products are listed in the NATO Master Cross Reference List (MCRL), with individually assigned NATO Stock Numbers for easy reference. With company headquarters in Singapore, the Magna Group's in-house Research & Developments team has made milestone achievements in corrosion-preventive technology, water treatment chemicals, lubricants and specialty surfactants.

Magna's focus on technical expertise, operational excellence, and its range of practical yet environmentally-friendly products has netted us the certification of the ISO 9001:2000. Magna Group is committed to achieve our mission of improving the lives of consumers, satisfying the needs of customers, and continuing our contribution to the chemical industry for the years ahead.

Magna International Pte Ltd
Magna International Pte Ltd is an innovative chemical company that manufactures specialty chemical products, was incorporated in September 1992. Our specialty chemical products are represented in 25 countries in the Asia Pacific Region and Europe.
Lupromax International Pte Ltd
Lupromax International Pte Ltd, a member of the Magna Group of Companies, is responsible for the manufacturing and marketing of Lupromax Engine Oil Additives, Automotive Lubricants, Industrial Lubricants Metalworking Fluids, Greases, Wire Rope Lubricants, Fuel Additives, and Racing Fuels globally. Lupromax International manufactures a complete range of Biolubri Environmentally Friendly lubricants that meet U.S. VGP Regulations.
We believe in a Cleaner, Greener and Better Tomorrow.
Magna Chemical Canada Inc
Magna Chemical Canada Inc. serves as one of our regional offices in North America. It is an independent registered company and with full autonomy to market the range of products they produced. With Its manufacturing plants located in Matheson, Ontario, they can better serve their customers in USA and Canada and Latin America.
Magna Australia Pty Ltd
Magna Australia Pty Ltd, located in the most livable city of the World, Melbourne, specializes in drilling & mining chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, specialty lubricants, and specialty chemical products. It manufactures and distributes drilling detergent, mud surfactant, defoamers, polymers, fluid control additives, lost circulation material, point point reducer, shale stabilizers, spotting fluids and viscosifiers.

Magna Australia Pty Ltd, provides expert services in large-scale anti-corrosion/mothballing projects offering a complete package that encompasses project management, logistics, manpower, scheduling for the mining, power plants, oil & gas and defense industries. Please contact Magna Australia Pty Ltd, for a complete anti-corrosion and plant mothballing services- A Complete Package Customized to Your Requirements.
our philiosophy
our vision
Building a global business through innovations, strategic alliances and quick adaptability to customers' expectations.

Our Belief
In a cleaner, greener and better tomorrow.
We manufacture environmentally friendly, biodegradable chemical products.

Our Strength
Magna's proven value-adding technology has enhanced its customers' existing product lines bringing to fruition mutually profitable endeavors earning it's reputation as "Your Partner In Chemical Innovation".

Our Culture
To develop a symbiotic relationship with our customers, suppliers and associates across the globe.